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We ship worldwide via more than 20 national posts. You orders will be delivered to your doorstep safely and with an unbeatable price.

Please note that frame and print will be shipped separately so you will have to assemble it together before hanging. It is easy and only takes a minute.

Packing of your order

The frames come pre-packed with corners and film and then packed in a box with strong edges to protect the frames. I-beams are used in addition, to give the package additional sturdiness and for multi-item orders (max 3 frames in one

The posters are packaged separately in an inner paperboard folder (max 10 posters in one inner folder).

Plexiglass used in frames may also carry a protective film but this is often applied to both the front and the back of the glass. This often has a blue hue to it. These protective films can be mistaken for scratches, bubbles, or a colored cast to a print/glass.

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